George Clooney Overwhelmed Being Married To Amal? Couple Sent Threats By Disturbed Stalker

When you’re married to a highly influential human rights lawyer and barrister, you can get easily intimidated.

New reports are suggesting that George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s marriage is on the rocks due to all the controversy that surrounds Amal’s political position.

According to TMZ, Mark Bibbee sent the couple a 189 page manifesto of rambling political nonsense and threats against the Clooneys. The documents also referenced a supposed assassination plot against former president George H.W. Bush and the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. He also horribly referenced the Orlando shooting.

“Orlando is a false flag event to cover for LGBT criminal & pedophiles,” he wrote.

Bibbee has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and is also possibly schizophrenic, says TMZ. The Clooneys have a restraining order against Bibbee, who is currently on lockdown in a psychiatric ward somewhere.

However, some outlets are saying that George might be cracking under the strain of all the drama that surrounds his important wife.

“Critics can’t help but wonder if this case might mean we might start seeing George Clooney/Amal Alamuddin divorce headlines popping up in the future. After all, one can only take all the stress that comes from being married to a human rights lawyer for so long,” wrote Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

At the end of June, there was a report by the National Enquirer that said that Amal was “devastated” that George failed to protect her from a terrorist threat during a trip to the Maldives.

She took the trip to the Indian Ocean islands to petition for the release of imprisoned ex-president Mohammed Nasheed, reported International Business Times.

The National Enquirer report said that Amal asked George to “keep her safe,” but he refused to go.

Celebrity news watchdog, Gossip Cop, had eventually debunked the report, saying it was completely not true.

Do you think that George Clooney is intimidated being married to Amal? Sound off in the comments below.


Are You Feeling Halle Berry’s New Haircut?

Aside from her fruitful career as an award-winning actress, Halle Berry is also known for her fabulous, signature short hairstyles. From her voluminous cropped mushroom ‘do in Boomerang to her super sexy pixie in Die Another Day, we’ve all mimicked her style more than once throughout the years, relieving our fear of shears and embracing the “short hair, don’t care” mantra. Right?

Well, Berry surprised us all with a new, edgy cut that she’s never rocked before. In the past few years, Berry’s been rocking longer lengths and earlier in the week, via Instagram, the 49-year-old showed off a floral designed undercut done by Kristen Ess, to which the stylist explained the style as “the prettiest lotus for the prettiest human.”

The undercut is no new style with the likes of Keke Palmer, Rihanna, and Cassie putting their on twist on the ‘do, but it’s definitely one that’s great for the summertime when you want to switch things up a bit. What are your thoughts? Would you try out this style? If you have, what’s been your experience?


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Pregnancy Update: JWOWW Shares A Pic Of Her ‘Big Ole Baby Bump’

Jenni Farley will welcome her second child ( a boy!) in a matter of months (May, to be exact) – but in the meantime, the ” Snooki & JWOWW ” star is chronicling some memories from her pregnancy (aka her burgeoning belly). Or, if you ask Meilani’s mama, she has another phrase to describe her growing tummy.

“My big ole babyyyyy bump!!!!” the ” Jersey” lady added along with the image above, which perfectly showcases her bun in the oven and her fairly new “mom ‘do”. Just like her BFF Nicole Polizzi, this parent is an unofficial master at snapping selfies of an expanding mid-section.

And while Roger’s wifey is certainly looking good (she also gave a shout to her hair stylist Joei D Fox in the photo caption), how is she feeling health-wise now that she’s almost reached her third trimester?

Embedded from

“Everyone basically knows I’m not a fan of pregnancy,” Jenni explains in the video above (remember the terrible frostbite incident?). “But the reason why I’m not a fan of this pregnancy with my son is I get these crazy, crazy migraines,” she reveals, before asking fans to please offer their tips for treating the terrible headaches.

Be sure to offer Jenni your positive vibes and any health recommendations in the comments – and because it’s #TBT, take a look back at Meilani’s first memorable moments below!


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